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tv   News  ABC  June 7, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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congrossman wean comes -- congressman weiner comes clean. he he admits he has been sexting with multiple women for years. what democrats plan to do. most of the of us here are california dream but first we are heading out of town as firefighters battle a fire. hard to imagine leaving your home behind not knowing what will thereby when you come back. now most of the year we are california dreaming but not now. this is what's going on in california in june. people having to throw the chains back on the tires because another massive snowstorm has blown through. good morning maryland i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning, the 7th of june. before we get to the news, let's go over to lynette charles filling in for justin berk. don't you see the video and say thank goodness i live in maryland. >> i was thinking about that. that's miserable. but i don't like it when the seasons don't live up to the
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name. for instance we are about to get hot. no we need to be spring like. and we need to have the bird chirping and love what's going on. but that's not the case for today once again. let's show you the headlines. we have a code orange out there. so it's going to be unhealthy for sensitive groups and we are going to get much warmer today. temperatures will be at or near 90. and then we get hotter and more humid going into tomorrow and we have showers and thunderstorms possible by the end of the week. so here's the air quality alert i am talking about. here's code orange and it's basically for all the areas here shaded in orange. but we are looking at the eastern shore, looking pretty good except foresees i will county as of now except for cecil county as of now. a storm or shower popping up in adams county. heading into pennsylvania, be aware of that. that will be out of here soon. it's one that popped up across the area. we are going to zoom in and you know what, we are seeing a couple scattered showers around mount airy and this might not
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be hitting the ground as of now. if so a couple sprinkles across the area. let's talk about the traffic so tonya can inform us about that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i can't believe you've been on the air for a hour and no majoraccidents. we are doing okay. let's look at the jfx at coldspring. no problems to report northbound on right of the screen. to the left of the screen is the southbound traffic. of course we are doing okay with the drive times because we don't have major accidents. 83 southbound five minutes and 6 minutes 95 out of white marsh to the beltway. and 795 to 70 on the outer loop 7 minutes and bel air to providence 6 minutes. keep in mind, we do have somethings going on in terms of construction. we do have the outer loop between charles and jfx which has single file getting by to the right. thanks a lot. developing story this morning. new york representative anthony
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weiner's twitter scandal has caught caused quite a stir many he publically admit on monday that he he not only posted the lewd photo of himself on twitter but he also has been carrying on the relationships with multiple women for years. now the question is, how is this going to impact his political career. tommy andres has the story. >> reporter: with the evidence against representative anthony wean stacking up, he -- weiner stack up e. owned up to his indiscretions not picture was of me and i -- the picture was of me and i sent it. i deeply regret the pain it caused my wife and out family and my constituents friends and family and staff. >> reporter: he admitted to- appropriate relationships with several women online and on the phone in recent years and allegedly sent this shirtless pick tower a 26-year-old last month who is speaking out --
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picture to a 26-year-old last month who is speaking out. >> he was eager to hear if i wanted him or thought he was attractive. >> reporter: nancy pelosi is calling for a ethics committee investigation to see if house rules were violated. political experts say his future is uncertain. >> people are livid. you know, my general view on these kinds of things is let the voters decide. >> i think they gave him the opportunity to do the right thing and he didn't do it today and made it worse and will make it bad for the party. i say hit the highroad, baby. >> reporter: the congressman says he will not step down. >> i accept responsibility for this. and people who draw conclusions about me are free to do so. i've worked for the people of my district for 13 years and politics for 20 years and i hope that they see fit to see this in the light that it is which is a deeply regrettable mistake. >> winier's life was -- wean are's life was a long time friend to hillary clinton and
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bill clinton official aid the wedding. and weiner doesn't plan on separating from his wife but we want to know what you think about it. should anthony weiner resign? think about everything that happened over the course of about ten days. this guy even called the cops at the capitol on a report here showed up at his office because he wanted to interview him about the allegations. also, you remember in a conversation, what did he call a reporter because he kept asking was this your twitter account. there were a lot of things that led up to what happened. go to the face bock page and let us know what you think -- facebook paining and let us know what you think we will -- page and let us know what you think. a bus driver facing assault charges accused of assaulting a special education student. the school district released this video showing a substitute driver getting out of her seat. you can't see it from this, but the arrest warrant says she struck a 10-year-old girl on the leg with her hands. the driver was suspended for two days and later resigned. a dangerous situation in
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eastern arizona. a third resort town now being evacuated in the mountains where high wind helped to fuel a massive fire. the flames scorched nearly 230,000 acres. reports say a smoky haze can be seen from as far away as iowa. >> i got you. i got you. >> we are taking yo to pennsylvania this morning. look at -- you to pennsylvania this morning. a reporter was on a scene war pig was running into traffic -- where a pig was running into traffic and causing drivers to dodge it a woman got the pig off the road. the reporter helped catch it and put it in a blanket and put it in the woman's karch the woman is looking for a rescue -- car. the woman is look for the rescue group to take that swiss swine. maybe it was a flat tire, whatever the case the mirkel plane from the hudson that was supposed to roll through yesterday, delays kept it going
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at a slower pace than expected. so what we have done is we have sent linda so out to track that plane down and she is live to tell us exactly where that fuselage is. linda, this shouldn't be that hard on a tuesday morning. should it? >> reporter: well, if you miss this one you probably don't want to be on the road. let me tell you how it will play out. you will be on the highway on 95 this morning. all of a sudden you will see this humongous plane zoom by. we are not pretedding here. it's -- pretending here. it's likely going to happen this morning. plane going down on 95 is somewhere here in perryville. that's the big secret. it's somewhere near the tolls. they took it to a secluded location away from the gawkers just to keep it safe. it rested yesterday made its stop through the night. by the way, station in perryville and they took it off to the secret location. it hits the road this morning after the rush hour. but this is how it works. it's not every day you see
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something like this. it's a 120 foot plane flying down highway on a flatbed truck and this is not just any plane. it's the famous one that made the miracle on hud -- on the hudson landing. it's heading to an aviationmuseum. in charlotte north carolina. it making a long trek with a police escort going about 50 miles per hour on highway. hundreds came out to catch a glimp of the rare sight as it mate it's way through cecil county. >> i thought it was bigger. but here, it looks like a big tractor trailer. >> reporter: so, again, if you are on the road this morning, heading to work, watch out for a huge police escort perhaps flashing lights. if you see the 120 foot plane that's the plane we are talking about. it is going to hit the road again like we said this morning after the morning rush hour to keep it more safer. they are going to head down 95
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and head towards the beltway and hop on i-70 go through western maryland and interstate 68. as it makes its way to charlotte, north carolina, they are hoping it will get there by the end of the week. live in perryville, linda so, abc2 news. >> all right. so megan changed her plans for the day because she doesn't want to get caught by the plane. do you? >> i do not. >> 95, 695, 70, 68 and don'tworry follow the progress at our website, stories in the slide show, scroll down to the end of the story and click on a link to follow plane as it gets ready to leave coming up in a few hours. baltimore city mayoral race is heating up and the poffle contestants keeps growing. another senator throws her hat into the ring. why kathy pew says she wants the job. >> they pulled out hats, coats and gloves in june. because mother nature said she was not through with them dumping the white stuff up in northern california.
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look at that we are in
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dangerously hot weather some folks on the coast are bringing out coats and hats. take look. boo is right lynette. commuters had to deal with this in kingvale california. winter weather coming down so hard drivers had to stop and put chains on their tires. this in order to get around. hard to believe that's happening right now. >> yesterday it was comfortable an though temperatures got up a bit. but lynette we need to have a talk. 97 by thursday? >> no the 9 -- 99 by thursday. i am diverting your attention because we will see showers at mount airy. they will move out quickly and the temperature in dundalk around 68 degrees. let's go over to tonya with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no problems 795 out of reisterstown. let's look out there and see what's going on top side of the beltway no problems to report
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on the left side the outer loop. remember downtown today we have construction on pratt street and also on conway. back to you guys. all right. in october, the cost to cross hatem bridge will possibly go up. >> why residents are concerned the impact of that toll we told you about and have been telling you about what it could have on them. a woman is attacked by a pit bull and today her family speaks out at a news conference. i am sherrie johnson. find out what happened to the pit bull. [ dog barking ] mom!
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5:46. thanks for joining us. his owners takes full responsibility but a one-year- old pit bull may face the ultimate consequence after attacking a elderly woman and it was brutal. abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us whenw what happens now -- us with what happens now. >> reporter: will he return home to his owner or be euthanized. this comes after he attacked a 78-year-old woman on friday outside her greektown home. today the victim's family are hold a news conference with more information on her condition. the elderly woman has been in the icu at bayview medical center since friday and received a tracheotomy and what
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feeding tube inserted into her stomach. she is breathing on her own but doctors say she has long road to recoverych the dog is in quarantine for ten days and veterinarians will use every day exercises like petting and walking and restraining on the leash to see if the dog is too dangerous and needs to be euthanized. there will be an administrative hearing to make the determination. >> they want what they want. and if you don't teach them to behave they are going to want and do whatever they want to do. >> now the owner received three citationing for -- citations for not keeping the dog on a leash not having record of vaccination or a lines. it adds up to $550 and we will learn more later today. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thank you so much. democracy 2012 now in democracy 2011 coverage rather the field of candidates is growing. another for the race for baltimore city mayor. katherine pew wants the job as
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she addressed supporters in the west baltimore district and talked about exactly what she expects to do. >> only in this city, only in this city do we pay a bottom tax. and only in baltimore are we paying the highest for water. it makes no sense. we buy the water. [audio not understandable] with me, we can do better. >> she says shy taxes -- she says high tax and crime are driving people from the city and wants to do something about that. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> hi. i am meteorologist lynette charles and check out numbers on this tuesday. well, we should be right around 81 now for this time year. the record high was setback in 1999. it was 96 degrees.
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and the normal low now should be right around 59 degrees. the record low -- 95ch the record -- 59 degrees the record low was setback a long time ago. yesterday's high was gorgeous. the temperatures coming in around 86. even though we were above average, easton around 82. dover 84 in hagerstown and winchester and york, pennsylvania around 83. lows this morning, 62 in baltimore. so a little above average. 61 in winchester and oak lan at 59. -- oak lan at 59 and 56 -- oakland at 59 and 56 for york. today a. different day because we have an air quality alert. it's a code orange and the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups. you can see the areas in the orange. the eastern shore looks pretty good except foresees i will county under the code -- except for cecil county under the code orange air alert. 60 at the inner harbor.
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once you get into the 60s, you can feel the humidity a little bit. still feeling comfortable back into york and also in frederick and hagerstown, winchester more of the same and culpepper. the dew points will go up as the humidity will increase going throughout the day. especially tomorrow and the day after that. satellite and radar picking up on what's going on. things looking good. lots of sunshine moving in. but we are going to watch for the cluster of thunderstorms to die to the south and east. western maryland can get in on thunderstorms activity as we go into the afternoon. high pressure in control of our weather for the most part going to sag to the south. and once it does, we are going to see the upper level ridge build in across the area. but we will see plenty of sunshine for the next several days. today that, temperature coming in right around 90 degrees. we have plenty of sunshine. and i will say mostly sunny to partly cloudy. there we go with the air called,air quality, the code orange. we will have a few clouds and it will be a little bit on the balmy side and things will get
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hotter going into tomorrow with the temperature coming in right around 96 degrees with the heat index right around 100. >> reporter: still a relatively quiet morning out there. we have some slow traffic rut russell street northbound between 95 and -- russell street northbound in between 95 and pratt. this is the jfx at northern parkway. that's southbound to the right of the screen the northbound on the left. no major incidents to report on the jfx or the beltway. so that's always good news. don't forget, conway street is closed downtown between charles and light. stay with "good morning maryland" we will be back after this.
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people who live in harford and cecil county are not happy with the toll proposal. the hatem bridge carries route 40 over the susquehanna river. regular users pay den dollars for the year for the -- pay $10 dollars for the year for the dough cal. maryland transportation authority's new plan would eliminate sis at the. drivers would have to sign up for ez pass.
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of course the nbta is holding nine public meeting where it's your opportunity to make your voice heard. two will focus on the hatem bridge plan and the two are june 16 and june 27th. but for the rest of the list and meetings dates and locations, go to time for sports and brian and the orioles bullpen scattering 7 hits as the baltimore beat up on oakland 4- 2. the a's swept baltimore two weeks ago. an rbi sack employ and nick had an rbi single -- stack fly and nick what rbi single. another game saving catch and o's and a's doing it again but not before they will be at the under armour store selling
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backpacks for the wound warrior project. first pitch from the yard 7:05. serious charges this morning. >> coming up, what she admitted to do before she got behind the wheel of a van with 11 children. and kids love it, but is it good for them? why one school district is banning flavored no chocolate milk on the lunch menu? criminal. and he was injured in a accident over memorial day weekend. an update on sean kingston. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning.
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